About Us

My name is Jason and I am the owner of Vallejo Tint Shop. We have been in business in VALLEJO, CA. since 1999. I have been doing it since 1996 right out of High School.

We do all kinds of Vehicles, Homes and Businesses. We not only do Tinting; we also do paint protection, tail light tint and graffiti film.

We have been fortunate to have been selected by Kaiser, Boston Market S.F., Avery Green Honda, Toyota Vallejo, Team Chevrolet, and Vallejo Nissan just to name a few. We can do about anything you wish.

It is nice to know where I come from and where I plan on going. With your continued support I plan on being around a long time and taking care of everyone in the EAST BAY and NORTH BAY and will never forget where this all started in VALLEJO, CA With LLumar window films, you can enjoy more comfortable temperatures throughout your home as well as work, play and watch TV free from irritating glare. We have been serving Bay Area for 20 years